“A Message from Our Team”

Whilst we do everything we can to prepare our hotel for future guests in this period, it has also given us time to reflect on how the local area has been so supportive, not just during this period, but as part of a long-standing culture in the area.

Our Co-Owner George Moros has shared this statement:

“Community is a massive thing in this family run hotel. I grew up in this hotel on the lower ground floor, and this area played a strong part in my upbringing. So, as I got older, I always felt an urge to be able to give something back and see the whole area as something that guests will be attracted to, not just our hotel.

We have enjoyed a lot of success as part of an organisation called Paddington Now, which serves as a business improvement platform to bring local businesses together to discuss current issues concerning the environment, recycling, sustainability and how to preserve the best parts of the local area. The strength of this bond has been proven over the recent months as we all have had to deal with unexpected challenges, but I am proud of how we have adapted and kept our focus on helping people when they need it most.

In the past we have enjoyed plenty of fun together on our community days, providing free concerts for people in our neighbouring Norfolk Square three times per year, as well as popular exercise & yoga events to encourage people to enjoy a brief escape to nature, which is rare across many parts of the city.

For us these occasions are fantastic. It gives us the chance to take a day to connect with the people around us, share a dance with the Spice Girls (a tribute act – not the real deal!) and also to gain some perspective on what is really going on around us.

I am proud to say that I am a part of Paddington, which is a business community, but mostly, a family community.”

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