Community Spirit in the UK

Unless this lockdown has meant you have had no connection with the outside world, you will have found that social media has become a vital tool in connecting the nation during one of our most challenging periods. Social media has often been criticised for the way it can influence people’s habits in a negative way, however in recent weeks we have seen the true power of a world more digitally connected. In this blog we will be sharing some highlights that we have seen to tell an inspiring story of the true heroes in our society.

Our NHS is run by a total of 1.4 million healthcare workers ranging from over 200 different countries. This figure alone identifies just how powerful we can be by working together and using diversity as one of our greatest strengths. In recent weeks we have seen an overwhelming array of support from all members of the UK public, showing their appreciation for the unimaginable trauma and stress they must feel just for having courage to go to work and continue the battle against Covid-19.

One of the most recognisable figures throughout this period has been the heroics of Captain Tom Moore, who at the tender age of 100 years old set about completing 100 laps of this garden to raise money for workers on the front line. This campaign has since gone worldwide recognition having achieved over £32 million in donations and has recently been given the award of freedom of the City of London. We are all immensely proud of this contribution as he has already served us all during his role in the Second World War.

There are many inspiring stories of individuals taking the initiative to raise money in their own unique ways as life as we know it remains on hold. The struggle to meet the demand for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) has been willingly met by members of the public who have been encouraged to put their sewing skills to the test and create scrubs for nurses and doctors who need it most to continue their battle on our behalf. In addition, whilst children are being kept from school they have also been encouraged to be in touch with their creative side, providing some inspiring artwork of gratitude for the heroes within our healthcare community.

This has also been an opening time for many of us as we have been given the opportunity to once again focus on our own health and well-being. Running has become a popular hobby to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors whilst we can. This has been turned into yet another source of fundraising, as social media users have been encouraged by friends to run 5 km and donate £5 to support the NHS.

How many industries much like the hospitality industry have taken significant hits during this time it is also inspiring to see how in spite of difficult times we can still look to see how we can help those around us and show our support from a distance. Some hotels have been listed to support the accommodation of the vulnerable and key workers whilst hotels are empty, and it is an uplifting site to see some of the windows in it being displayed in the shape of a heart as we once again express our thanks.

Our battle against coronavirus is far from over, but this period has taught us all a valuable lesson about what is most important in our lives and who we really have to be thankful for in our society. We remain positive and look forward to welcoming you all back to explore after lockdown is over, hopefully with a greater appreciation for how we can all do something inspirational for those around us.


Written by Jon Orrells

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