Take a Journey Through History in Paddington

Remember the days before iPhones, WiFi and central heating became among the basic amenities we rely on throughout our daily lives? Some of you reading this might consider yourself lucky enough to not have seen those days, and others may be slightly less willing to admit how far back they can remember. Your stay at the Shakespeare Hotel in the heart of Norfolk Square Gardens might well give you some reminders of the history of the area to some degree, so let us tell you some more about what you can expect from your stay with us.

We want your stay at Shakespeare Hotel to be as memorable as possible, not only with the rich history of the area, but with the unique approach our team have towards making you feel at home and offering great value for money, which can often be a challenge around these parts! Our team is known for going the extra mile to support the local area, as the surrounding hotels have joined together to create a genuine sense of community and p[articipate regularly to maintain the beauty of the local environment, as well as making recycling waste as accessible as possible for our guests & staff.

Our stunning Norfolk Square Gardens was established in the 18th Century to be the centrepiece of the surrounding Georgian & Victorian style properties that you see today, so that the rich could enjoy a combination of community and a leafy green area to take afternoon tea under the shade of the many trees seen from your bedroom window. As an example of our commitment to maintaining this area, we regularly make an effort to  encourage plenty of natural life & greenery with finely kept flower borders that help to attract more vibrant wildlife outside our hotel. You can take a look at our website for more information about hot hotel’s Green Policy.

Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible service and creating that true sense of homeliness during your stay, and no request is too much for our team to ensure that you can enjoy your stay exactly to your liking. Not only are they expertly trained to deliver a perfectly presented room, each of our team actively participates in our green approach both in our hotel, and in their own homes.

The true essence of Norfolk Square Gardens remains the same as it always has, a brief escape from the calamity of its surroundings to enjoy the fresh air, particularly on a sunny day! The buildings still have a few remaining hints of a life that once was in the area, such as the basement hatches to store coal, and the old heating pipes that present the skeleton of a time not yet forgotten.

There’s so much to explore in Paddington, both in its story and in what it has to offer today, and we can’t wait for you to be a part of the area’s history when you stay with us.

Written by Jon Orrells



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